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Our genus and our species has been pickling foods for as long as we can collectively remember. And depending on how firmly you cling to that old scientific process we call carbon dating, we’ve been pickling for almost as long as some books say the earth is old.

Initially, we generally used the process to preserve our meats, but over time, as our faming practices and techniques grew more and more sophisticated, we naturally began turning our attention to our vegetables.

And we know. We know. We like meat. And so do you. But do you really want to order a Combo Plate with a side of Chicken and a side of Pulled Pork?

If you do, total, total respect. But we know that most of you want a little something without meat (read: bacon) in it. That’s why we pickle vegetables when they’re in season.

Some of our past favorite pickling subjects have been carrots (including a spicy one), cauliflower, green beans, fennel, various kinds of beets, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and, of course, onions and cucumbers.

On a menu heavy with things hot and meaty, why not try something cold and crunchy? And if you visit us any day between 3pm and 6pm (Happy Hour), we’ll give you a bowl in exchange for just two $1 bills.

Seriously, it’s possibly the most prefect and least costly afternoon snack, and it’s just enough to tide you over until you belly up and belly out for that Combo Plate later tonight.

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