Cowboys love ’em, campers love ’em. So do soldiers, hobos and everyday Janes and Joes. And, if your memory’s as good (and as breathless) as ours, then you know that Ann-Margaret really loved ’em.

Ah…but we digress.

Anyway, we Americans sure didn’t invent them, but beans done right are one of the necessary staples of any barbecue spread.

They’re tangy, they’re full of protein and they’re generally made with just the right amount of savory and sweet.

We start by soaking our Pinto Beans in a large pan for a full day before we slowly cook them with various (and, invariably, secret) spices and the sundered little meaty somethings we like to call “bits.”

Bits, of course, are the bits of beef, pork and chicken that we can’t bring ourselves to toss out because a.) the bits, while too small to make up a proper serving of anything, are still perfectly good, and b.) because we think we can find for them the good home that is your belly.

Top it all with the crumbs of our bacon-molasses cornbread muffins for a little extra texture and voilà!

Barbecued beans that are delicious enough to even inspire you, in your most passionate of throes, to bath in them, if you choose.

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