We’ve often joked that the fellas who darken our door with their vegetarian girlfriends (you know who you are), must be doing something right, because what kind of man, other than a well-loved one, brings his sweetheart to a smokehouse?

So to all vegetarians, we say unto thee: wondering what to pair with your glass of wine  or your can of craft beer while the beards of your omnivorous tablemates grow sticky and thick with barbecue sauce? Well, we’ve got at least a little something for you.

And this something is one of the only somethings we make that’s not flavored by bacon.

Our Coleslaw—carrots and cabbage (red and green), finely sliced by the mandolin players in the back of the house—comes out with just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of tang, and is bound altogether by just the right amount of aioli, made (it goes without saying) in-house.

And if you stop by during Happy Hour (3pm-6pm, daily), the slaw’s a dollar off.

So when the carnivores have dragged you to us, remember, we’ve got something for you, too.

But to all you meat-eaters out there (and we know you’re legion), we think you’ll still like our Southern-style slaw, even if it is meatless.

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