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Potato salad is a “folk” food, long served at soul food spreads, southwestern barbecues, picnics and at church basement wakes following the funerals of relatives we barely knew.

Despite its ubiquitousness, there are some who consider the dish a rather dodgy one, because it’s so often been left out at room temperature in large, serve-yourself bowls, subject to a variety of elements (like the sun and various insects).

So for those who remain suspicious of potato salad, behold! And experience a new way of eating this rather simple comfort food. And when you take that first bite, make sure your shoes laces are tightly tied, because its taste just might knock your socks completely off.

In lieu of using what we’ve come to think of as “traditional” potatoes, we use the Fingerling variety, small, firm, rustic earthy tubers that profile a deeper, duskier flavor.

After the fingerlings have been boiled and diced, we bind them with a tart whole-grain mustard aioli, before chopping up and mixing in smoked bacon lardons and cornichons, which give the whole thing a tangy and lively kick.

So when the ever-warming weather steers you away from the rich, heavy sides you’d normally pair with your Pulled Pork Sandwich or your Spare Ribs, choose our cool-as-a-pickled-cucumber Fingerling Potato Salad instead. It’ll wash away those old potato salad memories and create new ones in their place.

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