You know what goes good with barbecue?


Generally, beer in a can.

Specifically, canned beer in a Koozie.

The only question is: what kind of beer do you like?

While certain beers go well with certain dishes, there is one beer more than any other that always goes well with everything barbecued, no matter what you throw over the coals.

Generally, that beer is an amber ale.

Specifically, an Ashland Amber Ale from Caldera Brewing.

Neither too strong, nor too bitter, this 5.4 ABV amber sort of sets the stage to let all the flavors mingling in your mouth do a little synchronized dance. Consider it the choreographer of smokey tastes.

Made with two-row and crystal malts and Cascade and Galena hops, the Ashland Amber stands strong on its own, too. Last year, it placed silver following tastings at the Australian International Beer Awards. And as everybody knows, Aussies know their beer. And now we know they like ours.

So when you can’t decide what to pair with your smoked meats, ask for a Caldera Ashland Amber Ale. Trust us, you cannot go wrong.

Drink Craft Beer, Always. Drink it in a Can, when you can. And Drink it often.

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