We should consider ourselves lucky that we’re often so busy that sometimes a day’s most challenging dilemma is being in such a rush that we don’t have time to eat.

But if you find yourself in that jam (you’re hungry, pressed for time, close by and looking for something that won’t slow you down), then we’ve got just the thing for you: our Frisee Salad.

And as salads should be, this one’s just as nutritious as it is delicious—it’s made from edible elements spanning the major food groups, which means, yes…it’s a salad tossed with meat, in this case, our smoked chicken (because we are a smokehouse, after all).

As for those who don’t care for frisee (and we know you’re out there), keep in mind that you probably do like it. It’s likely that it just hasn’t been properly prepared for you yet.

And while frisee is bitter, it should’t be so bitter that you can’t eat it, so we do away with the bitter bits and use only the best, leafy parts, which is how it should be.

If you’re still not convinced that this is exactly what will help get you through the day, we also toss it with cubes of marinated celery root, cornbread croutons and our housmade brown butter vinaigrette.

So not only is it made from things from all four food groups, it’s also, at once, slightly bitter, slightly sweet, certainly smoky, savory and crunchy.

And whether you’re going to casually and leisurely dine in, or take one back to the office to eat at your desk, remember that we can make it in a flash.

Try one and see why frisee just might some day be the new arugula.

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