Cornbread. It’s evokes memories, inspires jump-blues songs and has a gastronomic mythology spanning both centuries and cultures. And while much has been written, sung and said about this humble form of comfort food, we’re pretty certain that our cornbread will leave you speechless (because your mouth will be full of it).

So let us, then, explain why ours is so, so good.

First off, it’s comprised of elements from three of the four basic food groups (dairy, and bacon…erm, meat). And It goes with saying that it lend itself to just about everything barbecue (pulled pork, brisket, spare ribs), as well as BBQ Beans and Mac ‘n’ Cheese (in fact, we use it to crumb both our mac and our beans).

Made with molasses, studded with bacon, baked like a muffin and served with a bullet of our super-secret, homemade Warm Honey Butter Syrup, our cornbread makes the perfect snack, the perfect starter, and when you want something with just a little bit of sweet after you’ve enjoyed a comfortable meal, the perfect perfect dessert.

And while these muffins may stretch your pants, they’re not gonna stretch your wallet—they’ll only cost you a couple bones. But, if you still can’t commit, just swing by for Happy Hour, (daily, from 3-6pm) and you can order one up for just a buck.

And just so you know, it’s okay to get a little messy, because we know you’re not really, really enjoying our food unless there’s sauce on your face and crumbs on the floor.

Dig in.

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