When it comes to Southern-style, comfort food, there are plenty of rules that many Yankees might want consider when settling down for some barbecue.

First: Southerners barbecue. That means waking up early and cooking all day. Yankees flipping a few burgers on the grill, that ain’t barbecue. That’s grilling, especially when it takes more time to get the coals glowing than it takes to cook and eat whatever you’re cooking.

Second: Depending on where you’re from, barbecuing generally means either cow (Texas) or pig (the lowland Carolinas). (Sorry Kansas City, you’re in the Midwest and we our barbecue is inspired by the South).

Third, and last of all: When Yankees grill out, they eat dinner. When Southerners barbecue, they eat supper, because they already ate dinner—for lunch.

So now that you know a few ground rules, spread out your napkin on your lap (you might wanna ask for some extras), because you’re about to get your hands (and your face) all saucy*, when you dig into our Smoked Spare Ribs, courtesy of the pigs raised by the men and women who make up Carlton Farms.

Served in half racks and whole, you will know our Ribs by the way they tenderly cling to the bone. And, trust. They’re abundant with meat, so if you wanna take home what you can’t finish, we won’t think any less of you.

*Wet Naps and toothpicks are available. Again, trust.
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