Session Ales have been long known as the kind of beers (emphasis: plurality) that you can drink during long conversational sessions without getting completely legless. In other words, because of their moderate ABV percentages, session ales are the go-to beers you enjoy while preserving the focus needed whilst planning heists, plotting schemes or hatching plans to rid yourself of the taxable reach of your then-King.

And while it might make sense to dedicate its Session Ale to the mostly expatriated Britons who dreamt up America (or at least the ideal idea of it) around those soon-to-be postcolonial tavern tables, San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewing Company has chosen instead to dedicate its Bitter American Session Ale to all “unsung, unwitting heroes everywhere.”

And is there no hero more unwitting or unsung than the spacesuited chimpanzees—the world first, true cosmonauts—who were so long ago shot into orbit by the world’s superpowers in their race to colonize outer space?

The folks at 21st Amendment Brewing certainly seem to believe so, as is evidenced by the image imposed upon each can of bitter.

Relatively neutral in flavor—the hops don’t overwhelm the malts, and the collective flavors don’t overwhelm the mouth—this bitter session is an ideal beer to pair with some good old-fashioned, down-home barbecue.

Because, whether what you eat is sweet or tart, there may be no beer better suited to help you explore the complexity of the flavors you’ll discover in the meats we smoke.

Or, for plotting schemes.

All you need to decide is whether one is enough.

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