The good news for all you homesick expatriated Southerners of the Pacific Northwest (and for your Yankee cousins, too), is that you can, despite what Thomas Wolfe once warned, go home again. Or At least your mouth can.

So if you haven’t yet sunk your teeth into our Carlton Farms Pulled Pork, now is the time to see if your memories can remember what your mouth can’t forget: that home is where your heart is.

Smoked slowly for seven hours over a bed of applewood and hickory chips, we present to you our Pulled Pork in no fewer than three different ways.

You can eat it on a sandwich (we garnish the pig with pickled onions and serve it on a toasted Ken’s brioche bun); you can eat it on mini-sandwiches (on a pair of Grand Central slider buns, topped with house-pickled pickles and served daily from at Happy Hour) or you can skip all that fussing and eat it all on it’s own.

As always, we bring you your meat “dry,” so that you can choose the sauce that you think best suits your mood. Any sauce’ll do, but really, you should first try it the way we suggest you try all of our meats: sans sauce. Then try it with each of our four sauces—but whether you eat it plain or with, it doesn’t matter which, because it’s gonna be good now matter which way you spin it (although we have to admit that it seems as if the concept of pulled pork, itself, was especially invented to be topped with our Spicy Vinegar North Carolina Sauce).

So come on in for lunch, happy hour or supper and see if we can’t help guide you back home for even just a little minute.

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