How does one describe this lovingly crafted, regionally made, micro-brewed stout?

Well, it’s about as dark as a good cup of strong, black coffee, and just as potent, too (with an ABV of 8.8 percent, these 16-ounce cans can sneak up on you and, if you’re not careful, deliver an unexpected, but not unpleasant sucker punch to your capacity to clearly think).

In its own way, a can of Cavatica can be kind of like slipping yourself a Mickey Finn, something Fort George’s Astorians—with their dodgy crimps’ long-gone-but-not-forgotten practice of collecting their blood money by Shanghaiing their city’s unsuspecting, transient barfly population—can surely appreciate.

That’s why it’s a good idea to pair your can of Cavatica with food that has penchant for letting itself be casually and leisurely digested. In other words, meats (Barbecued Short Ribs, Brisket, Smoked Half-Chickens) and starches (like Fingerling Potato Salad, or a dish of rich, creamy (and we did say, rich, right?) Macaroni and Cheese).

But if this stout’s sheer strength were not enough to convince you to give this beer the respect it deserves, Fort George playfully presents a different kind of warning, suggesting that the strong and dark Cavatica may stain your clothes.

Which makes sense if you’re wearing white, but who besides young men seeking to impress their dates by not dipping food and drink all over themselves, wears white to a barbecue joint?

Besides, this is a smokehouse, where we encourage you to get as messy as you wish. So go ahead. Wear black, eat with your hands and drink with your face, because we’ve got plenty of napkins* for you and for whatever doesn’t make it into your mouth.

*and wet naps, too!

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