There are pigs in the window and there pigs on the walls, but we know that you know that the best way (and maybe the only way) to properly measure a barbecue joint is by its beef brisket.

People have long known that this cut of meat is one of the choicest if, and only if, it is properly and patiently prepared. And Oregonians know that some of the best brisket in the Pacific Northwest comes from the farmers and ranchers who bring us Cascade Natural Beef.

So to this locally sourced beef we apply our rub, a secret bundle of Texan spices, before letting both chemistry and physics run their courses. That’s because over the next 12 hours, we’ll slowly smoke that brisket over a bed of hickory and applewood coals, before slicing from it generous slabs which we’ll either pile inside your sandwich or spread across your plate.

Served dry (we’ll let you choose your own sauce), our brisket stands pretty tall on its own—it’s so succulent and tender that it all but comes apart at its meaty seams—but it tastes best, of course, with well-chosen sides. And if you follow the conventional logic that your mouth knows to be true, then you know that noting harmonizes better with barbecued brisket than macaroni and cheese and braised greens.

Expect maybe a glass of bold red wine or a can of dark, malty beer.

So come on. Come and get some.

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